Want to Be More Innovative? Take a Pause.

Innovation is what sets Catalyst Management apart from the rest in our industry. To effectively use our imaginations, we sometimes need to clear our heads and break from our normal routines. In other words, we need to pause. Let’s explore how to do this and why it works.

Let’s start by considering our daily routines. If we are doing the same tasks or activities every day, what happens to our minds? We often go on autopilot. We stop thinking about how we might improve processes or be original. Instead, we’re focused on completing our daily agenda and following our schedule. In other words, we get into a rut. This is why in our Catalyst Management meetings we’ve encouraged people who are feeling uninspired to pause their routines and embark on a new experience.

In our Catalyst Management office, we’ve noted that when we take a break and do something different, it can spark our imaginations and allow us to regain that innovative spirit. This practice can be as simple as going home from work via a different route or mode of transportation, enjoying lunch at a different restaurant with a unique cuisine, or even exploring a section of town that’s new to us. These experiences can rejuvenate us and inspire new visions or solutions.

Growth comes from stepping outside our ordinary routines and stretching our comfort zones. Like us on [Facebook] for more tips on how to learn and grow on the job.