Surprise Interviewers With This Last Question

One of the keys to a successful job interview is to ensure it’s a two-sided dialogue. As we’ve noted in our Catalyst Management recruiting process, serious candidates are those that come armed with questions to ask us in an effort to learn more about how they will fit in with our culture Since we are a sales and marketing firm, we recognize the value in overcoming objections before the final decision is made. This is why we find this question to be quite powerful.

What concerns do you have about my qualifications that I can answer before this interview ends?

This inquiry is often one that can take interviewers back because it puts a tad of pressure on them to think about the candidate in the position itself and how he or she would work out. We’ve come to recognize through our Catalyst Management model that when customers have considered the pros and cons of a product as it applies to their lives, they tend to make more informed buying decisions. This adage applies to interviews as well.

Feedback is important to help people grow, as we’ve observed through our Catalyst Management coaching model. Therefore, by asking this question, interviewees are essentially gathering insights that can help them in future interviews if this particular job is not the right fit for them.

The secret to landing a job is often in what you ask. Check out our [Newswire] for more interview best practices.