Networking Tips Shy College Students Can Embrace

We provide our people with plenty of opportunities to network through our Catalyst Management learning environment. This perk extends to our firm’s college interns as well. After all, we want everyone to succeed. For many people, the idea of meeting and greeting others can be painful, especially if they are introverts. With that understanding in mind, there are a few ways anyone can build up their professional connections by using these tips:

• Find Common Interests: It’s always easier to connect with another individual when we share mutual passions. Therefore, we should take time to ask questions and learn what others find interesting or what activities they might participate in. From their responses, we can assess where our common ground lies and form a relationship based on that.

• Listen: One of the first lessons we impart in our Catalyst Management training is the importance of active listening. This practice means seeking to understand what is important to other people and being empathetic. For students and introverts, this is a good opportunity to learn without having to talk about themselves.

• Learn About Speakers and Professors: Our Catalyst Management campaigns are based on research that allows us to know what triggers are important to our target audiences. For networking purposes, research on keynote speakers or college professors can be as easy as reading their books and having questions ready based on that material.

Effective networking doesn’t require us to be extroverts. We just need to find a style that works for us. Follow us on [Twitter] for more sage advice on how to connect.