Identify the Best Networking Options for You

Professional networks are critical to anyone who has strong career ambitions. Our Catalyst Management development program offers our people numerous paths to meet and connect with influential people. Here are some best practices anyone can apply to better identify what events or venues are best to meet people who can help them professionally or personally.

The first point is to determine who are the people we want to meet. As we explain in our Catalyst Management training, this part requires some self-reflection. We need to align our networking plans with our short-term and long-term goals. In other words, we need to build our vision of where we want to go to know who we need on this journey.

Once we’ve determined who our best prospects are, our next step is to identify the places these people might be found. If we’re trying to connect with local business leaders, we might become involved with a local chamber of commerce or a business-service organization, like the Rotary Club. If we wanted to meet more industry-related people, we could attend a conference, like those our Catalyst Management team might attend, or a professional society.

After we have determined the type of person and location to meet them, we could even identify select people with whom we might want to connect.

When we build our networks, we set ourselves up for lasting success.