Fresh Team Building Ideas You Can Try Now

Our team is the reason Catalyst Management is an industry leader. Therefore, we invest in activities that strengthen our bonds and encourage better rapports with each other. Here are some team-building practices that any size firm can apply to realize more effective working relationships:

• Learn Together: Ongoing learning is a big component of our Catalyst Management culture. Therefore, we recognize the value of acquiring new skills and knowledge together. This type of team-building event does not mean just training related to our business. Learning together can mean fun. We can take an improv or cooking class as a team.

• Volunteer Together: We’re all about giving back in our Catalyst Management office. Naturally, philanthropy that brings us together to serve our community is a great way to form bonds while doing something productive and heart-warming at the same time. This activity is most effective when the entire team has a say in the cause the firm will support. Goal setting is a must as well. This ensures everyone is focused on creating impact in this venture.

• Have a Post Team-Building Debriefing: The purpose of team-building activities is to foster a better working environment. Like any other business proposition, it’s important to set measurable goals and assess the effectiveness of each event. This debriefing can include team surveys or focus groups that solicit insights into what works and what can be improved for next time.

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