Celebrating Team Member Abreigh

Our Catalyst Management office is filled with talented individuals and we like to give them a shout out for being the basis for our success. This month, we’re spotlighting Abreigh.

“Abreigh is truly devoted to the people she manages,” said Amanie. “She goes above and beyond each and every day to be the best campaign manager she can be. Abreigh truly cares about everyone and everyone knows. She is genuine, generous with her time and extremely organized. Abreigh ensures that all team members feel welcome and included, as her first concern is always other people.”

“Whatever my team needs, I help by either providing the solution or helping them work towards a solution,” said Abreigh of her approach to leadership. “I put everything and anything into setting my team up for success.”

As Abreigh herself noted, she’s grown considerably at Catalyst Management. “I’ve learned how to network/ resource with other business professionals and how to prepare for important business meetings!” she said. “I’ve also learned how to be more of a leader than a boss. Coming from a customer service management background, training and managing styles are completely different. There is a huge difference between a boss and a manager.”

Abreigh’s advice to her team is this: “You can never ask enough questions. No one just tells you the answer or gives you your opportunity. You earn it and grow by taking initiative.”

We frequently celebrate our Catalyst Management team.