Catalyst Management Shares Conversation Starters

Do you have a networking event coming up, and are you unsure how to break the ice? Our team at Catalyst Management understands this anxiety, and offers these ideas:

  • Start With a Compliment: Our experts at Catalyst Management recommend breaking the ice by paying the individual a sincere compliment. This could be about his or her attire, or a unique pin or tie clip. It could be about something you’ve recently read on his or her company or personal success. As long as your compliment is authentic and appropriate, you’ll start the conversation on a positive note.
  • Ask Plenty of Questions: As our Catalyst Management pros suggest, be prepared to ask numerous questions and allow the other person to speak while you listen. If you engage in active listening, you’ll glean valuable information and make a new connection. Questions you may start with could cover the individual’s area of expertise, or for a more offbeat conversation, the last place to which he or she traveled.
  • Keep It Light: While informational, networking conversations should be lighthearted as well. You don’t want to delve deeply into a discussion on national or international turmoil, nor do you want to dwell on personal or public tragedies. Instead, discuss humorous, non-controversial topics. Know your audience and stick to common ground.

Remember these tips to ignite your next conversation, and enjoy yourself!