You Can Be a Confident Presenter. Here’s How.

We’ve become very adept at delivering presentations through our Catalyst Management outreach model. When we train our people, we focus not only on presentation skills, but what they can do to be more confident:

” Practice: Rehearsals are important so that we can become comfortable with the material. It’s usually best if we practice so that we can see ourselves, such as in front of a mirror or recording ourselves for later critique. Peer feedback, like the kind we offer in our Catalyst Management office, can help us improve our delivery so that we’re much more polished before an audience.

” Dress for Success: We’ve all had dreams in which we’ve arrived at a function not properly attired. We can prevent this from happening in real life by deciding on the right outfit well in advance. Our objective should be to dress in clothing in which we feel confident and professional, keeping in mind the audience and venue. We never want to be overdressed or underdressed.

” Stick to What You Know: The most confidence-inducing practice is to thoroughly know our material. In our Catalyst Management learning environment, we work with team members so that they are experts on the products we promote and able to address any questions.

Our team is well-trained on how to present with confidence.