Boost Your Public Speaking Game Now

What makes the difference between good presenters and great presenters? It’s the techniques they learn that improve their delivery. Our Catalyst Management business model is based on effective presentations. Here are some lessons we’ve gleaned over the years:

• Keep It Simple: In our Catalyst Management campaigns, we create targeted messages that capture the audience’s attention. The general rule of thumb is to keep the content simple and easy to digest. Most people are more likely to absorb messages that are short, impactful, and relatable. The best practice is to forgo the long explanations and stick to basic details, adding in more substantial information as required.

• Connect: Our signature skill at Catalyst Management is to find a connection with the people to whom we are presenting. There are many strategies to make a presentation more relatable to audiences. For example, we can tell a story, share a personal experience, or provide a case study, all of which can engage people and inspire them to act.

• Practice: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. This old adage applies to becoming an effective public speaker as well. Recording a presentation is one of the best tactics to identify and analyze how we can improve our posture, speech patterns, and overall messages.

What is your favorite tip for public speaking?